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Welcome to United City Mortgage, your premier mortgage broker Houston, TX. We're committed to providing comprehensive financing options for investors, business owners, and home buyers

About United City Mortgage

Understanding mortgages can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially for first-time home buyers. That's where a mortgage broker in Houston comes in. A mortgage broker acts as a middleman between mortgage lender Houston Tx and borrower, helping homebuyers secure the best mortgage rates and terms. Mortgage brokers have access to a wide range of mortgage products and lenders, including major banks and non-bank lenders.

Our experienced loan officers take the extra mile to help our clients navigate the entire loan process, from the initial loan application to closing the deal. Our goal is to help our customers meet their financial goals and achieve their dreams of homeownership.

Our Diverse Services as Your Mortgage Broker Houston, TX

Comprehensive Mortgage Products and Loans

We pride ourselves on offering a wide array of loan programs to cater to your unique needs. Whether it's FHA loans for first-time home buyers, VA loans for veterans, or USDA loans for rural property buyers, we have you covered. Additionally, we provide conventional loans, home equity loans, and even construction loans for those looking to build their dream home from the ground up.

First-Time Homebuyer Assistance

Buying a home for the first time can feel overwhelming. That's why we guide first-time homebuyers through the entire mortgage process, from understanding the different financing options to helping them choose the best mortgage. Our experienced loan officers work tirelessly to ensure that you feel confident about your home purchase.

Personalized Mortgage Solutions

We go the extra mile to provide personalized mortgage solutions that align with your financial goals. Whether you need a mortgage for a new home purchase or refinancing an existing loan, our team will guide you through the whole process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Apart from this, we also have the expertise as hard money Lenders Houston and execute Houston home buyers assistance program for you all. Get connected to learn more

Investment Property Financing

As an investor-friendly mortgage broker in Houston, TX, we offer specialized financing options to help you grow your investment portfolio. Our adjustable-rate loans and other investment property mortgage products make real estate investing less intimidating and more profitable.

Mortgage Rates and Insurance

Staying updated on current mortgage rates and monthly mortgage insurance is essential for making smart financial decisions. We provide timely and accurate information to help you plan your finances better.

Refinancing Services

Looking to tap into your home's equity, reduce your interest rate, or lower your monthly payments? Our refinancing services can make it happen. We offer various refinancing options, including FHA streamline refinance and VA IRRRL, to meet your specific goals.

Why Choose United City Mortgage in Houston, TX

Seamless and Transparent Mortgage Process

We're committed to making the mortgage process as seamless and transparent as possible. We believe in clear communication and will guide you through each step of the loan process. And that's why we are rated amongst the best mortgage companies Houston.

Fast Closings and Low Fees

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to mortgages. We prioritize fast closings and low fees so you can secure your new home without unnecessary delays or costs.

Competitive Rates

We strive to offer some of the most competitive rates in Houston. Whether you're considering an FHA loan, VA loan, USDA loan, or a conventional loan, we'll help you find a mortgage with a rate that suits your financial situation.

A Range of Loan Options

We offer a wide variety of loan options to fit your unique needs. From home equity loans and refinancing options to construction loans and adjustable-rate loans, we have the right loan for you.

Personalized Service

As a premier mortgage broker Houston, TX, we pride ourselves on providing personalized service. Our experienced loan officers will work closely with you to understand your financial goals and help you find the best mortgage product.