Expand Your Portfolio Faster With Hard Money Lending

We simplify private lending so investors can boost their portfolios and profits.

The Barriers For Conventional Lending Are High

For investors looking to expand their rental properties and fix and flip projects, securing conventional lending is difficult. With challenging qualification guidelines that don't take your property's final value or cashflow in mind, conventional lending sets hurdles too high for many investors to scale.

Get Hard Money More Easily

United City Mortgage's portfolio of private lending options makes for starting off as or growing as an investor easy. With fewer documentation requirements, the lending barrier is lowered, democratizing access to funding for more current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Fix and Flip

Keep More Cash and Fund Projects Faster

Our hard money loans let you keep more cash in your pocket while getting your fix and flip projects funded faster. We offer options that allow you to combine cash and loan amounts up to 75% of the after-repair value so you can act quickly and grow your portfolio more quickly than with cash investments alone.

Rental Properties

Lower the Barrier for Building a Rental Portfolio

Our private lenders qualify you based on rental cash flow, not paystubs, W2s, or tax returns. If you have above-average credit and rental income, we can qualify you. We also offer higher loan-to-value amounts of up to 75%, meaning you can build your rental property portfolio and income more quickly.

Invest Smarter And Grow Faster With United City Mortgage

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